Art Lessons

'I’ve always wanted to learn to paint and draw, but never had the time until now.’

I have heard these words so many times in the six years I have been teaching art here on the Costa Blanca, and it has been a great pleasure over the years to watch people who initially came shyly into a class, believing they had no talent, turn into very competent – sometimes quite remarkable artists.

    Learning to paint and draw depends largely on two factors. Firstly you have to want to have a go and accept that it takes a while to ‘get your eye in’.  Secondly, learning to see, rather than simply look is essential and I spend the first few weeks with beginners training them to observe. What does that mean?

Well, you may look at vase of flowers and enjoy the shapes, the colours and smell, but you have to see it in a completely different way if you want to draw it. You learn to look at proportions, tones, shadows and colours. Just drawing a symmetrical vase can be difficult – but there’s a trick to that!

You will have gathered that beginners are not encouraged to start painting too soon. The main reason is that without the building blocks of drawing skills it is very difficult to move on to applying colour and you’ll end up with a disappointing mess. Once you have an idea about composition, perspective, and know how to approach drawing a still life or landscape, painting comes much more naturally.


Classes are very informal and friendly – more like a social group really–and
are a good way to meet new people as well to explore a new hobby and pastime.
Painting is a very relaxing way to spend your time and over the years
I’ve been told it has helped to relieve anxiety and depression and provided a
valuable outlet for those with physical illnesses.

Classes at PAL's Club, La Siesta are on Mondays 10.30am-1.00pm.
Classes at The Final Whistle Sports Bar, Consum Square,  La Marina are on
Wednesdays 10.30 am - 12.45pm.
Classes at La Herradura, Montesinos, are on Thursdays 10am-12.15pm. 

Beginners need not bring any equipment as I provide drawing materials for the first
few weeks. Beginners can start at any time. There is always a choice of projects in
class – or you can bring one of your own if you prefer.

More experienced artists are also welcome as I work with everyone individually in
the medium of their choice.
Many of my students have been coming to class for several years. They work in various mediums including watercolour, pastel, acrylic and oils. I always prefer to work from life or photos because that is the only way to produce original artwork – but in the early months copying the work of other artists is a way to learn. Artists have always been influenced by each others’ work which is how artists’ movements such as The Impressionists evolved.

My own preferences in subjects to paint are people, particularly portraits and my favourite mediums are oils, and pastels. But every medium has its own beautiful qualities and it is endlessly fascinating watching students develop their own styles. Several of them now take commissions and sell some of their work.
Received by E-mail 17th March 2013

Hello, Suzanne!
Now I'm back in Bergen, Norway, where we still have winter with pale sun and only 6-7 degrees in the air. We miss Spain already!
I want to thank you so much for your inspiring tutoring at La Herradura! I enjoyed the classes very much and got back the joy of painting. I brought my tubes of paint back to Norway to continue here, but discovered today that I already have a full equipment of paint, brushes and canvases here also, so I just have to get started.

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